200 Ranch View

Status: Lease

The Model Abilene is a vacation rental property with the following features:

  • Square Footage: The property has a total area of 1,746 square feet.
  • Exposure: It is located in a northern direction, meaning it likely faces towards the north.
  • View: The property offers a scenic view of a golf course.
  • Bedrooms: The property has two bedrooms. Bedroom 1 is furnished with a king-size bed, while Bedroom 2 has a queen-size bed.
  • Den: There is a den in the property which includes twin sleeper chairs. These chairs can be converted into beds if needed.
  • Bathrooms: The property has two bathrooms for the convenience of guests.
  • Internet & Cable: The property is equipped with internet and cable services, allowing guests to stay connected and enjoy entertainment options.
  • Golf Membership: The property does not provide a golf membership. This means that guests would need to make separate arrangements if they wish to access the golf course.
  • Golf Cart: There is no golf cart included with the rental. Guests would need to arrange their own transportation for the golf course.
  • Pets: Pets are not allowed in the property.