Jack Flanigan

If you are seriously looking for golf properties in the Palm Springs area, you definitely want Peggy Mason on your team. Considering the volatility of todays real estate market as well as the large inventory of available residences, you need much more than someone who is just going to arrange home tours. Instead, you must have a seasoned expert who has a special understanding of the available product and who can help you confidently assess comparative values. Peggy’s very unusual combination of professional credentials provides her with this expertise. As both a licensed real estate broker as well as a certified real estate appraiser, she brings a very sophisticated understanding of the market to your decision-making process. Perhaps, even more importantly, you are going to love her quick wit and work ethic.

Since my principal residence is in Northern California, Peggy spent a good deal of time at our first meeting helping me to focus on exactly the type of property and amenities I was looking for. It was a very valuable exercise because just three weeks after our first session, she called and reported that she had located a home within my price range that had everything on my wish list. Since I was making a special trip into the desert, I asked Peggy to also give me some additional options. We saw 19 homes in six hours. At the end of the day, I put an offer in on the original house that she had found for me. During the escrow there were a few issues that came up regarding title and property condition. Peggy took care of everything for me.

Over the years, I have bought and sold a lot of homes. With Peggy’s help, this purchase simply could not have been easier. That’s why I am so confident about recommending Peggy to my friends and business associates.

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